We help government and business make serious work of the energy transition

In a nutshell

Redefining the energy economy takes brains, guts and a lot of hard work

The transition to renewable sources of energy is perhaps the defining issue of our time. Daily, more people come to realize just how important it is that we make this happen, and that we do it now. One step further, they also realize just how hard it is and how it will require a complete transformation of nearly every aspect of our economy.

Sustainability Services is aimed 100% at facilitating this energy transition. We do so by engaging in market development. This consists of research, business model development, process facilitation, innovation support, industry standardization, policy consulting and communication.

Team members

Marten Witkamp

Marten works on market transformations towards greater sustainability. He has been in this line of work since 2008, focusing mostly on the housing and energy markets. As a Transition Maker, Systems Entrepreneur or Market Developer (depending on where you are reading this from), he has taken on various roles over the course of these years, including group facilitator, data analyst, researcher, consultant, initiator, and content communicator.

In 2013, he was part of the founding team of De Stroomversnelling, a Dutch collaboration between construction companies and housing corporations to renovate 111.000 homes to net-zero energy. This is done by using the cash flow of the tenants’ current energy bill to drive radical innovation by construction companies. In practice, homes get a new facade, new roof, new installations and, most importantly, an energy performance guarantee. This € 1.8 billion deal can generate up to 9.000 jobs and save up to 21 Mton of carbon dioxide emissions.

From experience, he has found that people often appreciate his role in: setting goals and building visions; creating structure and order out of chaos; quickly trying to understand (where to intervene in) the dynamics of a complex system; communicating content in written form; balancing the needs of process, content and budget.

Marten graduated cum laude at Eindhoven University of Technology in 2008, obtaining an MSc in Technology Policy and a BSc in Innovation Sciences.
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Felix Knipschild
Market developer / Analyst

Felix has a passion for the nature on our planet and is dedicated to contributing to its survival. He is able to immerse in the complexity of the major challenges that are presented by the current state of affairs. The status quo is no longer an option for Felix and he believes we can develop a sustainable future as long as we work together and with great dedication.

Felix works in energy, water and sanitation. In the energy sector he works on a transition towards an energy efficient built environment through net-zero energy housing solutions. Furthermore, he advises on local climate policy. The work in the energy sector is focused on the Netherlands, but the solutions can be also be applied to a different context. In water and sanitation, Felix works with WASHNote on improving service delivery through monitoring and evaluation practices. He is involved with local and national governments and development partners to amongst others accelerate national and subnational water and sanitation monitoring for improved asset management and service delivery and to advise on information systems.

Felix graduated in 2016 from Delft University of Technology. He has an MSc in Systems Engineering, Policy Analysis and Management and performed his graduation thesis at IRC WASH, where he researched the dissemination of information across multiple institutional level in the Ugandan rural water supply system by means of a modelling study.

monitoring for sustainability / modelling / data science / stakeholder analysis / market development / multi-level governance
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